Hello! I’m Ashley a 30 something year old living in Richmond, VA. There is me with my mama, who this blog is primarily for. I started to blog over three years ago now, first to track my adventure in going pescatarian then to become a famous blogger and quit my job. Let me tell you, both of those didn’t work out.

I now blog infrequently and only when the mood strikes. I was sick of being on the other side of the camera and taking pictures of everything I did in my life. I wanted to eat the bagel instead of pose it just right to get the perfect shot and then have a cold gross bagel.

So don’t except professional photos on this site, don’t expect to see every aspect of my life, I’m much more than what gets posted on here! Expect some highlights, some low lights, some random pages or musings or anything in between.


Thanks for visiting!


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