I have some strong heavy weight champs in my corner of women in my life. This picture right here, even though my eyes are closed means the world to me. Those are my mama, moms, aunts and nana all surrounding me with love and support for my shower. Even now writing about it I get emotional. Let’s back up to the weekend of my shower though and start from the beginning.

I flew out of Richmond after work on Friday afternoon. Well that was the plan, we all got on the plane and then sat on the runway for 2 hours. The pilots were awesome in letting us know what was going on but it was stressful since I have a plane to catch in Laguardia that was taking off at 9. Then I got notice that the flight was delayed from 9 to 12am. This made me very sad as I had a 10 am fitting and knew I would be exhausted for my shower. I saw that there was another flight that was going to leave at 10pm so I made a plan to run to the gate when I landed and see if I could get on standby.

Once I got to the gate there was an enormous line and the flight was full. I was so sad but knew it would be fine, until I got a notification that my bag had been loaded on the 10pm flight. Slightly freaking out I stood in line and while I was in line got the notification that my 12am flight was canceled. Then I really started to panic. Everyone had boarded the plane at this point and the doors were closed. I asked the gate person if my bag was on the flight, and when she confirmed I went to ask if they could pull it so I could rent a car and drive from NYC to Boston. Instead she printed out a ticket and told me to have a safe flight. I started to cry. The whole time my maid of honor was trying to keep me calm but I was loosing it in my head and to her through text. She is a saint!

So I landed and she came and got me and I got to see her new GORGEOUS house. She and her husband completely gutted this home and it is now stunning! The next morning we were up to go pick up the food for the shower, then get my final dress fitting and go to the shower. I arrived around 12 at Sean’s grandma’s house without having eaten since lunch the day before and jacked up on Red Bull. Slowly seeing my mama and Bridgie and then Sean’s mom and Grandma I started to relax.

The shower started at 2 and the day absolutely flew by. It was the most magical, overwhelming, loving, supportive, generous, grace filled day I have had. I am at loss for words on the amazing women I have in my life and how awesome they are. I am really one lucky girl.

Below are some pictures. Happy Good Friday!

Opening presents and clearly embarrassed for the spotlight on me.
My Nana and her sister my Great Aunt Betty
From the left: my mama, Sean’s mama and my step mom
From the left: Bridgie, my god mom Nancy, her daughter and my friend since 3 years old Kate and her granddaughter Kyla (who is my best friend and Nancy’s son Michael’s baby)
Cutting the cake and making sure Kyla got a flower 
From the left: Erin my maid of honor, me and Holly 
My mama, me and Bridgie (her wife and my parent since I was 6)
High school friend Liz with her new baby Malka, my mama and Bridgie

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