Two Week Update

Since last week I wanted to focus on my amazing shower this week I will update you on the other things going on. First off I have used almost everything I have gotten at my shower. Waffle iron, dutch oven, toaster, spice rack, juicer, apple slicer, mandolin, so on and so on. The only things I haven’t used are the baking dishes and the nice pans. I use my cast iron skillet for almost everything as I am a tad iron deficient and have been told it is a perfect way to get a little more into your system. Also it is so nice and seasoned now it is better than any antistick pan I have had. Plus those new pans are so nice and clean….I don’t want to get them dirty yet.


This is the first recipe I made in the dutch oven and it was a roasted red pepper alfredo. Ah maz ing. IMG_0339

8 pounds of oranges peeled so Sean could have some fresh squeezed juice. It made 64 oz though so that was impressive.

Leading up to the wedding I wanted to focus on Sean and I and not planning the wedding or focusing on the next task. So I decided that once a week we will have a date night that is unique. Below are the first three we have done.

Big City Scavenger Hunt. It was pretty awesome it was all sent to our phone and we had to go around Richmond and find different things and do different tasks. We then went and got some seafood and had dinner at home. It was an awesome Tuesday night. 
I personally don’t really like bowling, but Sean loves it. He just gets in a funk if he doesn’t do well. The two rounds we played flew by! 
Dollar Oysters at a German restaurant called Metzger. I ate 12 of those and then had a small salad after since I was a tad full. Sean let me have a bite of his pork chop and spatzel and it was amazing! 

On the weight loss front I have been going slow and steady which I am completely ok with. I lost it really fast the last time I did weight watchers (almost 10 years ago now) but within less than a year had gained a lot of it back. I feel with this turtle pace I will be able to lose more naturally, by naturally I  mean eating what I normally would just maybe having smaller portions or choosing to substitute Greek yogurt for part of the mayo. I am hoping this lifestyle change will really stick with me this time.


The best part is a lot of my clothes are fitting a lot better now or things that didn’t fit or zip before are now back in the rotation. It is a great feeling and motivating me to keep on the turtle pace.

Lastly this was from Easter. Easter has always been a family event for both Sean and I. Last year was our first Easter away from our families and we went to DC for the weekend. It was a wonderful weekend and a nice get away but it didn’t feel like Easter, it just felt like a weekend away. It was good and I loved it but it wasn’t a holiday. This year when we are more than a year into our life down here and have made a handful of really good friends. The closest ones are a family that also works with Anheuser-Busch and they invited us to Easter Brunch.


After brunch we went back to the house and the kids had a water balloon fight and set up the slip and slide. We didn’t get home until 7 and I was just so at peace with where we were. It was a shift that has happened slowly but I know we have made this place our home.