April Showers

Man is it a gloomy and rainy day today in Richmond, but in my old city it is supposed to be a cold and snowy day. I’ll take the rain at the end of March any day over snow. This weekend is supposed to be sunny though and in the high 60’s / low 70’s which makes it great for outdoor activities. This is perfect because I have a 10k tomorrow morning. I haven’t even come close to training for but hopefully can complete the race with an under 10 minute mile pace.

Last weekend was beautiful but Sean and I were in our Catholic marriage prep all day. IMG_0254

It was a long day but it was filled with so many wonderful moments and it really brought home what this wedding is all about. We got home Saturday night and were so exhausted that we both were sound asleep on the couch before 10. I woke us up at 10:30 and we headed off to bed which made for a super early Sunday morning! With so much time on our hands we had a huge breakfast and then headed to the Irish Festival by our home. It was great to get outside and have festival season starting up again.

Monday we met with the priest of our church and got the final paperwork done. We can officially be married now! My saint maid of honor started to help me put together the welcome bags. One of the things I designed is a door hanger, which I don’t want to share until after the wedding to keep it a surprise. I am really loving it though.

Something else I am super loving is this little guy.


He had two seizures yesterday, the second one occurring at 12:30 in the middle of the night. After cleaning him up and getting him settled I went into the bedroom and just broke down sobbing. He has been having them since he was 3 (he is now 5.5) and they aren’t long, but they just make me so sad. My good friend had to put her boy down this week and something just set me off and I couldn’t control myself. Luckily after a huge cry I was exhausted and fell back asleep.

Also that picture isn’t of him having a seizure that his him relaxing one afternoon. As Sean likes to say “just airing it all out”.

I hope where ever you are is sunny and warm!


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