Taxes, Shots and Recipes

What a title huh! So let’s start with the taxes part, I did those last night and got a return but not as huge as I thought it was going to be. Part of the reason I didn’t get as much was because I was penalized over $300 for not having health insurance during the 90 day waiting period with my company. It was cheaper than paying out of pocket for those three months but I think there should be some sort of buffer that allows for people to not pay the super expensive government plan for the waiting period and not get penalized. Oh well going to move on from that and show you a super funny question that the state of VA asks on your taxes, excuse the glare. IMG_0250

Yup that’s a serious question. Sigh. Sometimes (lots of times) I miss New England and the IQ of the majority. Speaking of health care I started to look into all the vaccines that I might need to travel for the honeymoon.


I hate shots, like massively hate them so this is going to be a huge bummer! Worth it to see other parts of the world and stay healthy but I don’t even get a flu shot because needles just make me panic.

On to better topics, what have I been eating lately? Well this past week Sean has been away for work so I got free rein of the kitchen and all things delicious and some of the winners are below. None are my pictures, like I said awhile ago I don’t want to eat cold food anymore but all are linked to the people who really made the food I just made it to the exact specifications and then ate it.


From Life Tastes Good just like it should

Mediterranean Meatball Gyros Sandwiches

See her logo, I didn’t even find a flat wrap to eat it in and you think my knife work was that good…ha! But seriously go to this blog and make this food. It is amazing! Those were Mediterranean Meatball Gyros and I ate them twice yesterday, once for lunch and once for dinner. I had the dinner one wrapped in a tortilla, though a flat would have made it all the better, and the lunch one over a bed of lettuce with some other leftover vegetables.

From Creole Contessa 

Hawaiian Chicken Bowl-Creole Contessa

Another winner! The sauce…guys the sauce of this dish is really amazing. I made it with Stevia instead of brown sugar and honey instead of molasses but it was/is amazing. The recipe makes a ton so you will have some to dip your nuggets in for days to come. The Hawaiian chicken bowl was pretty amazing. I just ate it with the zoodles no rice because I made WAY too many zoodles.

From Peanut Butter Fingers

some cold quinoa salad that had pineapples in it. When I saw this I knew I had to pair it with the above chicken since the sauce had pineapple juice in it. Totally hit it out of the park. Normally I am not a sweet and savory but this dish is so good!

From Skinny Points

No picture here but loaded baked cauliflower. I made it with full fat cheese and regular bacon and adjusted for the points but seriously this is one of the most amazing dishes I have had in awhile. It is so rich and delicious. I am eating the second half tonight with steak and cannot wait.

Again, those recipes above I only found them on Pintrest and blogs and made them. I tweaked a few slightly but they are not mine. Those pictures are not mine either they belong with the wonderful people who do the blogs. Go check them out!

So with all this wonderful food how did I do on Weight Watchers.


Pretty awesome if you ask me. Saturday the 18th one of my wonderful friends got married and I didn’t track food at his wedding. Instead I ate in moderation, drank in moderation and moved on the next day. I stayed the the same weight this week as last week and that is a win in my book. I didn’t beat myself up for enjoying a wedding nor did I make drastic measures to get a weight loss on the days before or after. I just kept on going and got in the healthy eating zone. This is a huge mental shift for me and for that I am more proud of myself for doing that instead of losing weight. For events like my shower, or my wedding or the honeymoon I don’t want to think about how many points I am eating. Instead I want to focus on the day, the people and feel all the feels. Not panic that I am eating too much. Huge win for me and the way I appreciate my body!

And on that note have a wonderful weekend my readers (do I even have readers?!) who knows so have a wonderful weekend universe!




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