Year 1

A little over a year ago I moved down to Richmond from my beloved Boston. My new city has afforded me new friends, a chance to volunteer with Girls on the Run, a wonderful place to get outside most days of the year, a chance to become closer with Sean, an amazing church that is helping us prepare to marry, and festivals.

On the left 2017 vs 2016 on the right

This past weekend we went to our second Shamrock the Blvd. This year it was about 20+ degrees cooler but other than that the main thing that changed was we had friends to meet there. I cannot tell you how amazing and different it feels to go to a place and actually be meeting people there instead of just feeling weird by yourselves. We stayed for a few hours but the cold was a little much so we headed out to find me some dinner.

Speaking of food, I had another week where I followed the weight watchers plan and lost weight. Going into week three I feel good about where I am and I feel even better about all the times I am hitting the healthy eating goals.IMG_0209 I haven’t felt like I have been deprived at all, I had beer at the festival, brunch on Sunday, calzone last night and countless other non “diet” foods. Previously doing the plan I would save all my points for dinner and have a piece of low calorie toast for breakfast, a salad for lunch and no real snacks. That isn’t sustainable though I know that now. I have eggs or oatmeal or whatever I fancy for breakfast, sandwiches with real bread or casseroles or beefed up salads for lunch and then the same dinner that I am making Sean. So no separate eating! Saturdays are the days where I tend to go up a little more on my points with some sort of event and since I have a wedding this weekend I suspect it will happen again. That’s just life though!

After brunch on Sunday I went home and since it was FREEZING out I decided I was going to keep warm and stay inside. I got bored quickly though so I made a certain little guy do a photo shoot.

I enjoy that I captured Sean’s sleep mask as well. Other random things on my phone this week are:

I am trying to help Sean find a tie that will match this color. It is meadow and the designer is Christina Wu. If anyone has any suggestions please help!


This fun little quiz I put on my facebook and the top three are my fiance and the bridal party. I found it very funny.


The ab challenge I said I was doing (and am actually doing!) has been a great motivator to get me to do a little extra each day. So next month I think I will try a leg one!


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