Day by Day

Last week you got to see my labor of love with my invitations. I mentioned in passing that mailing them made the whole ordeal seem really real. What I didn’t mention was that since that day I have been edgy and nervous and unsettled. Again not to marry Sean, love him to death, but for the whole day in general. I had to take a few time outs this weekend, one to meditate and just breath because I felt like I was being swallowed up by everything, and one to take a bath. We went to Whole Foods on Sunday and I bought four large bath bombs. FullSizeRender

For those of you who haven’t tried these yet I would highly suggest, they are like the mixture between that weird white chalky square we use to put in our baths and bath beads. My skin was so soft and the scent coming off the bath while I was in there was so relaxing. I am so very excited to marry this amazing man, but all the things that I have to take care of are starting to overwhelm me. Luckily my most amazing maid of honor told me she would handle a ton of my shower stuff yesterday which made me so happy I could almost cry…ok I did cry a little but at least it was of relief.

Other wedding things that happened were we went to get our rings, I then I had to give up my ring while they make a custom design around it. I felt so naked so when I went home I dug up some random ring my sister had given me for Christmas two years ago and put it on. Hopefully I will have it back soon! I also finished my survey to meet with our priest after our Pre Cana class. IMG_0170

180 questions that both Sean and I have to answer separately and then discuss our answers with the priest. I think it is an awesome way for couples to talk about every and all issues. It mentions things like not being able to have children to computer and TV time. Regardless of your religion I think this is a great tool for couples.

Moving on, I decided to do Weight Watchers again. I needed some extra help and more accountability. So last Wednesday was day one and I would say the first week was a success. IMG_0186

I lost some weight but more importantly to me are those blue circles. Those are all the days that I lived inside the healthy eating zone. What I didn’t realize was that if you didn’t use enough points that you aren’t in the zone which is what happened to me on Tuesday night (Saturday was movie theater popcorn and Chinese food and worth every bite!). I had too many fruits and vegetables that day and not enough fats, proteins or carbs. I didn’t feel deprived but it was good to know that it wasn’t what was considered “healthy” I have to say I am really enjoying the program so far and love all the changes they made to it. It makes the foods I would normally gravitate towards fit into my plan and the foods that I would consider an indulgence more of a conscience choice.

Treating myself kindly during this time is extremely important to my mental and physical health so beyond signing up for weight watchers I treated myself to a haircut this weekIMG_0185

as well as a 15 pack of classes to Hot Barre. Hot Barre  is just a barre class that has the temperatures close to 100 degrees. It is so wonderful to just feel the toxins release from your body. I know that I don’t burn more calories when it is hot, by my muscles are more limber so I can get deeper into poses and stretches which just feels amazing after.

Going into the weekend I will leave you with these two images.


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