So invitations…. let me begin by saying I love stationary. LOVE IT. I collect all kinds and have a full drawer of note cards. So when it came time to do my wedding invitations I was super excited. Sean decided that he wanted to help as well so one Saturday in February we went to Merrymakers in Carytown to pick out our invitations. I had done some research before and decided that I wanted a tri fold with a pocket for the information. I also knew from my Donor Relation days at Dartmouth College that I wanted to hold the panel invitation in with ribbon. I was a little more prepared than most I would say but I still didn’t know what size I wanted, what exact shade of sage I wanted and what small details I would choose. It took us less than an hour and we came out much lighter in the pockets but so very happy with what we were getting. Below is a completed version.

So yay, I got my invitations and was loving them. I told the shop that I wanted to put them together and address them, the look they gave me was shock but she didn’t argue. So we picked them up and brought them home two weeks ago. I had gone to Michael’s and bought the right amount of ribbon, the hole punch and the “M” stickers and we set about to do our invitations on Sunday. Well the right amount of ribbon only covered 30 invitations, the hole punch was so hard to use it was bruising Sean’s and my hands and lining up the dots to punch also took some time. So the weekend went by and we only had 30 punched and ribboned. Sean went to a store and got an industrial hole punch last week and finished up the punching for me (bless him!) and I made one of many trips to Michael’s to get the appropriate amount of ribbon and a calligraphy pen because wouldn’t that be a nice touch! If you are thinking the same thing DON’T DO IT.

Sunday we went to buy his wedding suit, then grocery shopping then I sat down and decided I was going to finish the invitations. Fast forward to four hours later, where my eyes were crossed my hand was cramped and I was cutting the ribbon so short it was just wasting it, I was only half done. Luckily on Monday night I got the rest done but it was a good 6+ hour investment total. The positive is I adore them, and have one in a frame already. img_0136

Tuesday at lunch I went to the post office to get all 85 in the mail and had my first real panic attack. I had just dropped them off and realized that this just got REALLY REAL. Not getting married to Sean, I would do that tomorrow, but the whole grandness of the day. That night I had a dream that none of my vendors including the priest showed up on the wedding day. I am so ready for June 3rd to be here and so not at the same time!

Some of the non wedding related things this week include a beautiful Ash Wednesday service in downtown Richmond where I got communion and ashes from a bishop. I felt like that was extra lucky or something. Starting Weight Watchers to help my healthy eating along. I am getting results and feeling better but I needed the little extra help and accountability.

Celebrating one year in Richmond on Tuesday with my love by making Fettuccine Alfredo, opening some wine and having him download Super Mario Brothers. img_0146

This weekend we pick out our wedding rings! Have a fantastic weekend my friends.


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