Well that year sure got away from me. I think what happened was I started to hate my blog. I know that sounds awful, it was years of checking in daily and writing about everything and I just started to hate doing it. It bored me. I wanted to write about recipes but didn’t want to talk about food every day. I wanted to talk about the books I read but not every book was blog worthy in my eyes. I wanted to talk about every step of planning my wedding but honestly, it is a lot of little tasks that aren’t that interesting. I read other peoples blogs and love them, so I often wonder if they feel the same way.

So my goal this year will be to do a weekly update starting NOW! I do love looking back on my blog and seeing what I did and what I was feeling at the time, so hopefully this will be the place where I can dump a bunch of information and still love it in the end.

Make sense? Probably not, but let’s give this a shot.

So this week started off fine, Tuesday after work I laced up my shoes and went for a run on my most favorite loop. It’s a 4.5 mile loop so it makes it a challenge but nothing that isn’t doable after work. I finally downloaded Strava to track my pace (if you are a strava user follow me! It’s just Ashley Nickerson) and I found out I am a little faster than I use to be. I have always been around the 10 mile per minute pace but with the terrain in Richmond I am able to speed up a little bit.


Wednesday I went to the dentist. Normally this is my most favorite doctors appointment because I have no cavities and they get my teeth nice and pearly white. If anyone has any suggestions on how not to stain your teeth when you drink tons of coffee and like red wine please share! Well this trip to a brand new dentist brought me two cavities. I was so upset!! I had never had one before and now I have two. I went for my fillings on Thursday and it is all taken care of. I know this is so common, but so someone who had perfect teeth this was a tad devastating.

Thursday evening I went with a girlfriend (side note she is from Boston too and even went to the same high school as Sean! They didn’t know each other though) to a Pilates class. If you are in the Richmond area I would suggest checking it out as they offer free classes to newbies. It was at Balance Pilates  and you can go on to see where their new free classes are. I loved the instructor but don’t think the workout was as hard as I could have done. I did a class the week before and I literally couldn’t put my pants on for a few days after. That was at PLANKrva, and it was intense!

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful here so I am excited to get outside in a few hours! Now for some camera dumps. Have a wonderful weekend.

The tank I bought myself to get ready in the day of the wedding. I will also probably wear it the day after too! 
The ab challenge I am going to try to do in March. Need to get the booty in shape for the warm weather down here! 
The dress I bought on Thredup for my bridal shower. Now I need to find a cardigan.