April Stitch Fix

Hello friends and happy Tuesday to you! I haven’t done a Treat Yourself Tuesday in forever so I’m linking up with Becky today to bring you a Stitch Fix one, which is always my favorite. 


What is Stitch Fix?

When you sign up for Stitch Fix you get your very own stylist that handpicks a “Fix” for you with five clothing items and/or accessories that are unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. To pick out these items she/he looks at an extensive profile you filled out to make sure your unique tastes, sizes and wants are taken into account. They also look at things like a Pintrest board if you show them where to find it so you can pin things you like. You have 3 days to decide if you are going to keep any of the items in your Fix that was mailed for free right to your door. You can buy whatever you like (or nothing) and return the rest, free of charge in their postage paid envelope.


Each fix comes with style cards and a personal note from your stylist on why she/he choose certain items for you. There is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase any of the items in your Fix, it’s credited back to you. You can also leave notes on specific fixes, so if you want a fix for your vacation coming up you can leave that note for your stylist and she/he will include pieces to accommodate your needs. I’ve gotten the most compliments on items that I have gotten from this service.

You can sign up for a fix here and get a one time fix or sign up for how ever many you want. 

Wells Grace Dovello Split Back Knit Top



I love stripes and I love the open back look of shirts now, I did not like this shirt on me at all. It washed my face out and you can’t tell from my hand positions but it was not form flattering at all. In fact it made me look quite large. I also wasn’t a fan of all the styling tips for this one because it paired it with jackets the whole time. What’s the point of the cute back if you are going to cover it up with a jacket?! 

Verdict – Sent Back

Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse



This shirt was so cute! I loved the color when I saw it and loved the lace details. It is long so it comes down halfway over my bum which I like a lot (no tummy showing for this chiquita) and it is so light and flowy. I love the unique lace look as well and already wore it for Easter Sunday brunch. I would like to find a cute pencil skirt to pair it with as well. 

Verdict – Kept

Mavi Freida Ankle Length Skinny Jean

Pictured above in both shirt pictures. This is the first time I have been sent pants that actually fit. I don’t know if it is because I have lost some weight or because the stylist finally realized I was a curvy lady. That being said I liked them but they weren’t a 10. I know I’ve said before but if it isn’t a 10 then I just don’t buy it right now. It makes it so I have a lot fewer items of clothing but I love everything that I own. I have done a lot of cleaning of the closets to get there too. Also they fit perfectly but I plan on dropping a few more pounds so I didn’t want to invest in jeans and then have a baggy bum a few months later. 

Verdict – Sent Back

Mystree Hansel Dress



This dress was really cute and I loved the little eyelet detail but it was just a simple cotton dress and it was almost $80. I get if it was thicker material or if it had some lace or silk or something, but a simple jersey cotton dress that is that much I am just not willing to pay for. It is too bad because it was really comfortable and looked pretty good on me. If this was in the $50s or lower I would have gone for it but it was just too simple for that price point. 

Verdict – Sent Back

Taylor Ingrid V-Neck Dress



I really liked this dress. It was cute and it looked great on me. It was just the wrong season and the wrong color. It’s spring time so I want a fun spring outfit not something that is navy blue. Plus the material was really heavy, like a quilted jacket (I tried to do a close up but for some reason it isn’t letting me make the picture larger) I figured by fall the style might change or I might find something new or I will be a different size. I didn’t want to spend $100 on something I wouldn’t wear for the next 6 months. If this were a different season I would have kept. 

Verdict – Sent Back

I really like Stitch Fix but this time they just didn’t nail the picks like they have in the back. I left a lot of instructions for my May fix so lets hope that comes out better!

What pieces would you have kept? Do you think I made good choices


1 thought on “April Stitch Fix”

  1. Ooooh I really like that last dress too – It would be perfect for NYE! I totally agree with your reason for sending it back though… Like you said if you aren’t going to wear it for a while or it isn’t a 10, why spend the $$?

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