Well Well Well

Yup I’m posting again, I don’t know how frequently I will be coming on here but I am going to try to make a conservative effort to do it more than once a month! Though I’m sure the only one who really missed it was my mama I have kept feeling drawn towards putting up a post. I just didn’t know what I wanted to write about, plus I was so very busy. So I think I’ll just update you on what I have been doing. Working! 

When I took this new job in January I didn’t know how much work it entailed. Just like you see teachers and for a second think “oh they are so lucky only working 8-3 with summers and all holidays off” but if you live with one you know they have so much out of class work to do. That is the same with this job, I have so much out of bar work to do trying to be good at my position. 

Let me back up though, and give you a recap of what I actually do! Back in January a new group in my company was formed with the goals of creating beer experts and then putting them into the market to try and sell some of our higher end products. I was in Chicago, I was in NYC and I have done a lot of self studying as well to try and learn about all the beers out there. There are so many styles, brands and breweries though that it seems like a never ending task. Each day I’m learning something and trying to store it away to use later on. Knowing that most craft beer has a story behind it is really cool too. image imageEach one of those beers up there has a story and each one of them (minus the Guinness and Down East in the bottom photo) are part of my portfolio. Part of my job is to know the story behind the beer as well as the details on the beer itself and why a bar or restuarant should buy it. It could be as easy as selling them on pairing beer with their food. imageOr more complicated like explaining to them the nuance differences between the beer that I sell and the beer that competition sells.imageSome of my work takes me into bars at night to sample the products with bar patronsimageSome of it has me working over the weekend to educate people on the different types of beers.imageOr possibly going to huge events in support of the brands that I have.imageI’m also responsible for going into the bars that already carry my products and making sure that they are happy and keep my products on tap and in the coolers.imageMy job is extremely fun but it also very tiring. There are many days where I just get home eat dinner and want to go to bed. The hours are so different than any other job I have ever worked, weekends and nights are more prevelant and mornings are very slow because no one is open yet. I say I’m going to get home early and now days that means around 6 where before it would be 3 or 4. 

I love this position as a learning experience and really believe it is going to be what I make of it. I’m glad I got to do this now before I have a family though, because I couldn’t imagine missing all the time with my children like some other people have to do. 

So that is where I have been! I’ve missed being on here, but I think it’s a great sign that my days are so full I don’t have time to post. Like I said, I will make a conservative effort to be on here more though! I have a few posts lined up soon that have been on my mind. Until then, have a wonderful weekend my friends! 







3 thoughts on “Well Well Well”

  1. We miss you! 🙂 But will be happy with any post even if only a month at a time. You’re such a busy lady!! And you should come over and have coffee with us in the morning. xo

    1. I think that it a wonderful idea! Let me just get rid of this cough, I don’t want to pass to you or my little lady!!

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