Oceano Hotel Jaco

So about a month ago I said I would show you the hotel I stayed at in Jaco. Then my computer got taken away from me at work and I am debating buying a new one or just using my iPad. We will see how this goes though. Anyhooo back to the hotel in Jaco. We had planned to stay at another hotel in another town, but when we looked on the map a few weeks before our trip we realized it was a full 6 hour drive from La Fortuna to where we were staying. NOT OK! So last minute we booked at Oceano Hotel since they were one of the only ones with open rooms and hoped for the best. Boy were we lucky! Below is the pictures from the hotel and I swear it is 100% better than my apartment. 



The living room with breakfast patio area. Huge TV and a sound system that you could hook up your iphones to. Leather couch that pulled out into a bed. Don’t worry we didn’t have to sleep there though because this was our bed. imageIs that a patio you see outside? Why yes it is, and this is what was on our patio.



A cold water pool with fountain. In the 90+ degree weather this thing was a life saver, it was also wonderful to listen to at night. The views from the balcony weren’t that shabby either. 



Then off to the other side of the room was the master bathroom / only bathroom.



Huge walk in shower with a bench and then a his and hers sink. Everything was a pretty mocha marble. Lastly the kitchen was pretty fantastic too. 



It was a beautiful hotel and everyone was so wonderful to us. I highly suggest staying there if you are in Jaco. It is a little more expensive than other hotels in Costa Rica but totally worth the splurge. 

FullSizeRender (2)


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