Homemade Pasta with Red Pepper Alfredo

Yum! That title makes me drool, let alone actually eating the dish. Let me back up just a little bit though to almost a month ago. As I’m sure you are aware, Boston was getting hit with snow storm after snow storm. Cleaning the apartment was fine for the first day and doing all the laundry, but the second day of travel ban I went a little nutty. Luckily the grocery store is really close so I had stocked up before the snow and had a full pantry. 

The first night I made a roasted chicken, seemed easy enough and I’ve made these in the past. The second night I decided that I was going to use my new pasta roller that my boyfriends mom had gotten me for Christmas, worst case we had some boxed pasta in the pantry. It actually turned out really easy! I felt like a professional chef just passing the pasta through the rollers watching the ribbons get thinner and thinner. I knew I wanted to pair it with a “fancy” sauce but didn’t want to load it up with a ton of calories, so I looked on Pintrest and found a recipe that I had made before and absolutely loved. Below are the two recipes I used to make the pasta and to make the sauce. Both are easy to follow and both come out amazing!


Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo with Homemade Pasta

Serves 4

For the pasta I followed this recipe here. You know when the pasta is done being kneeded and ready for a rest when it is like homemade pizza dough almost. It is elastic and not too sticky, can be handled without any flour on your hands and doesn’t leave clumps behind. Once done pass it through a pasta roller and cutter or roll out manually until desired thickness and then  cut by hand. Mine only needed to cook for about 5 minutes but yours will depend on the thickness of your pasta, start for about 3 minutes in boiling water and then taste, cooking longer if needed. 

Then I tossed it with this sauce, following it exactly to the recipe except adding a good dose of parmesaen at the end. 

That is it! Both are pretty easy to follow! Happy Wednesday my friends.