Costa Rica Day 4 – Day 1 in Jaco

Good morning friends and happy hump day. Today is my first day out of the house for more than the post office and the gym. I am assuming that it is going to be a huge cluster f out there too since the roads are all one lane now with MASSIVE snow banks. Let’s head back to Costa Rica for a little bit instead of dwelling on that though. We left the rain forest and headed on a nice three hour drive to the beach. It was HOT and the traffic was not in our favor for the most part but we finally started to smell the salty sea air. 

We arrived at our hotel and found out that our room would not be ready for a few more hours, so we drove a few blocks to the beach. Though it was a very walkable distance we had no sun screen on and we weren’t in beach attire. We went and took a look at the beach and then went to find some place shaded to eat. I was so hot and the beach was so crowded and I was very worried that I was not going to like Jaco. It reminded me of Fort Lauderdale and I was overwhelmed. After a crapola lunch (really, you need to stick to Trip Advisor, they have the best places when you go down there!) the boyfriend suggested we go check out a beach I had read about that was suppose to be very secluded. It was about 30 miles away but we had some time to kill.



If you can see from the background of this picture it is basically a field you turn into on this VERY small dirt road. The sign seemed promising though so my spirits were lifted a little and then from around the bend we saw this. 



That’s right, there is no one in that picture and there was pretty much no one on this beach, just one family with two younger children. We parked under palm trees and changed into our suits in the car, this guy watched us from a few feet away. 



We then took a small backpack down to the beach and started to walk along it. I swear I was in heaven, the sun, the sea, the fresh air and the lack of people. It was the first time in over a year where the first thing I didn’t think about on the beach was skin cancer and I could have stayed here for a long time. 

3 2 4


The boyfriend couldn’t though because he started to get a little red on his back, so we went back to the car and then to check in to our hotel. 

I’ll give you the grand tour of the hotel tomorrow! Have a wonderful and warm Wednesday.


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