You Know You’re Old When…

Happy Tuesday friends and for those of you up here in the North East a very happy snow day!! Today I’m linking up with Becky to share a few of my recent treats. The title not only is homage to the fact that TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY but the fact that my main treat this past week is a large indicator that I’m getting older. 



Yep that is my new garbage can! I am so in love with it. It is finger (or cute little kitty noses) print free so it stays nice and shiny at all points. It hides the plastic bag and also holds the plastic bag so you can’t see it nor does it fall in when you throw stuff away. Best of all it doesn’t smell like the old one, no matter how many times I cleaned it! The boyfriend came with me and couldn’t believe how much they were, we got it for under $100 though. 



Delicious yummy Starbucks! They have a new coffee called flat white which is just steamed milk and a special espresso that makes it slightly sweet. I’ve had two of them so far, it is fantastic, it also sips like a standard cup of coffee so talls are more than enough. 



A ski day with the boyfriend. It snowed in Boston on Saturday so Sunday we headed to NH to get in a half day of skiing. It was such a fun day and an easy mountain to ski that we hit every trail and I even did trees. 

Happy Tuesday Friends!


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