A Relaxing Saturday

Good afternoon friends! This Treat Yourself Tuesday I’m linking up with Becky, to bring you my Saturday that was full of me time treats. If you didn’t know, I was in Chicago last week training for my new job. It was a really long week and when I got home on Friday night I was beat! So my first treat was falling sound asleep soon after I got home. The main treat though was Saturday. 

Early morning the boyfriend and I packed up and headed to his cousin and her husbands house in Maine. We had never been and they had been asking us for awhile to check it out. We got there and right away the boys started to do “man” things while his cousin and I did a lot of couch time. Which was completely awesome because she wanted to watch trashy TV and there is nothing more relaxing than the WE channel and a comfortable couch. Then when I felt like I needed air we all decided to go out on ATVs and Snowmobiles. 

bundled up!

IMG_0816 IMG_0817

pretending to ride the snowmobile, I was actually on an ATV



It was so beautiful and so peaceful being the only ones out there. I had such a good time, we even came to a spot that had completely undisturbed snow so the inner child in me got the best of me and I made a snow angel. 



We stayed out for over an hour and then went home to strip some layers off and go and get some dinner. After we headed back to the house and turned in before 9:00. 

All the sleep and all the fresh air was just what my body needed after a long week and I’m glad I didn’t make an excuse and do errands or get caught up from being away for a week. That was the biggest treat of all, solid selfish me time! 


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