Costa Rica Part I

Good morning friends! I come to you today from a cold and snowy Chicago, but am loving every second of it. I’ll explain in a post perhaps tomorrow but for now I wanted to bring you part one of my Costa Rican trip I just got back from. Less than two weeks ago I was there but it already seems like a lifetime ago! I cannot recommend enough going to this fantastic country, I was a little nervous when I was heading down because I heard a few things about people getting their stuff stolen and people slashing tires to rob you. Scary stuff but I cannot stress enough how nice and how welcoming everyone we met was. 

Day one started off with a lot of traveling! We flew Spirit airlines who is the opposite of what Costa Ricans are, Spirit was impossible to work with, their customer service on the phone was the worst and they charge you for EVERYTHING. Lesson learned a few hundred saved in the flight is just not worth it! We finally landed in Costa Rica around 1 and took a shuttle over to Dollar Rental to pick up our car. If you are ever renting a car down there use them! They not only were so nice and didn’t try to squeeze you with extras but they also showed me how to use the GPS down there and then put in all our hotels so we could just push a button and go. That’s what we did too and we were off driving in a strange country with only a black box telling us how to get to our first place! It was so surreal and the boyfriend and I kept laughing. 

It took us about 30 minutes and we were at Hotel Le Bergerac in San Jose. It was more like a B&B and it was completely gated and away from the busy downtown strips. We shelped our stuff up the stairs and opened the door to an enormous room! FullSizeRenderThe first thing I noticed was our own private patio with beautiful french doors. We would later come back from dinner and enjoy a bottle of wine out there, toasting to our first night on our adventure. The next thing I noticed was the closet. 

FullSizeRender (1)Oh be still my heart! It was huge!!! Too bad I didn’t unpack anything because we were just there for a night but it was so large! Then from in the bathroom the boyfriend yelled “ummm you have to come see this”

FullSizeRender (2)Say what?! Yep you read that correctly. Apparently south of the US the plumbing isn’t the best so they don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet like we do, but put it in the garbage next to the bowl. OMG gross!!! I knew I was going to have to get over it and honestly by the end of the trip it wasn’t a huge deal but massive yuck on night one! We then went down to get a snack and figure out what we were going to do for dinner. Coming back up to change I snapped a picture of the view from the stairwell. 

FullSizeRender (3)Add this to one of the many beautiful sights I would see in the week. Dinner wasn’t wonderful so I’m going to leave that part off but getting to a place was interesting. We found something on a website and decided to go there so we get a cab and for a few minutes try in my broken Spanish to tell him where I wanted to go. We finally understand each other only to drive 20 minutes and have the place be closed! So another 10 minutes was spent in parking lots with broken Spanish again trying to just get him to take us to a good place. We ended up at a Brazilian Steakhouse which was considered really high end there, both the boyfriend and I were unimpressed though. 

To be honest I hated San Jose and will never go there for any duration again if I can help it. Dirty city and it seemed like the worst of the Costa Ricans all lived there. That is ok though because Day two more than made up for it! 






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