This year Christmas was very different for me, I didn’t go home at all during the actual day, instead I stayed with the boyfriend and his family. It was a very hard decision to make and I will admit I cried a little Christmas eve when I was falling asleep. Last year I went home and the whole time I wasn’t really enjoying my time, I just wanted to be back with the boyfriend on the holiday. I was so sad without him that I couldn’t be there to enjoy my time with my family. So this year we made a change, he came for Thanksgiving and I went to his families for Christmas. So I did Christmas with my mom one weekend and my dad another. My mom was first. It was such a great time, we did a brunch and then went home and decorated her tree. IMG_0481I cannot remember the last time that I helped her decorate the tree and it felt very special. Sadly she didn’t get the Patriots game so about half way through I knew the boyfriend was getting a little antsy. So I finished quickly and we went to the bar to see the second half of the game. My brothers also played pool. 



Then the boyfriend and I parted ways for a few days while he went up to the mountains and I went back to work for three days. I was later able to join him and had three wonderful days hitting the slopes. Look at those views!

IMG_0491 IMG_0490 IMG_0489


Then we headed out to see my dad and his girlfriend for Christmas. It was so relaxing, we hung out for the day and opened gifts. The boyfriend and my dad watched the game while my dads dogs were obsessed with the boyfriend. 



All three of them couldn’t get close enough to him. Also in the Christmas mood was my little man. 



He helped by taking the bows off all the packages! After a huge dinner of ribs, my favorite meal my dad makes, we headed back to Boston to get ready for his families Christmas and our vacation. 

Do you do split Christmas’? If so how was the first one away from your family? 



2 thoughts on “Christmas”

  1. I’ve done a lot of splitting holidays over the years – it can be really hard! But it’s also great to be able to spend time during the season with everyone you love (and the ones your significant other loves). Now, for me, it’s the time together that matters, even if it’s not on a particular day. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

    1. I agree, was a little hard for me not seeing my family but in the end my heart was full with all the time I got to see them where I normally would only pop in for a few hours.

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