A Few Treats

Man has it been a long time! I did a ton of vacationing and disconnecting and it felt amazing. Though I’m sad it is all over and it is back to work now, I’m glad I can share my adventures with you guys. Since it is Tuesday I’m going to link up with Becky and bring you a non Costa Rican Treat Yourself Tuesday. Don’t worry you will be getting a ton of Costa Rican stuff soon! 


 Delicious Starbucks coffee! I love all the holiday flavors that are out right now and have had about my weight in peppermint cappuccino.


Speaking of caffeine a huge tub of Spark. I love how much energy Spark gives me. I didn’t have it for the whole time in Costa Rica and when I got back and had one I could tell the huge difference in energy and awareness. I had been drinking coffee down there too, so it wasn’t like I was missing the caffeine. It is my secret formula!


Obviously before going to the tropics I had to get a mani and pedi! I chose a nice bright color and now it makes me happy when I see it. Reminds me of the warm weather and beaches!



New BODYPUMP shoes! So if you read Becky’s blog she did a whole post on the difference between lifting and doing boot camps in running shoes and doing it in shoes that were made for lunges and squats. So I brought the boyfriend to the Reebok store and tried on a whole host of shoes to see the difference. Yes I was doing squats and lunges in the isle and yes he put his head down and just shook it after the first set. Finally I settled on some ZQuick Training ones in Lemon.

Normally when I drop into a squat or lunge one of my legs starts to slip. This morning at BODYPUMP my feet felt like they had glue on the bottom. There really is a difference between regular running shoes and training shoes. I would never take a run in these, they have very little support or cushion but now I will never work out in running shoes. And yes, that is a spark in the background of my picture! 

Happy Tuesday my friends!


3 thoughts on “A Few Treats”

  1. Yes! Don’t the right shoes for BODYPUMP make a HUGE difference?! I love yours – the yellow looks so happy. And yay for getting some Sparkola back into your life. Seriously, that formula is amazeballs. And while I love me some coffee, nothing can compare to Spark.

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