Weekend Recap

Le sigh, it is already the work week again. Darnit weekend, where did you go?! Friday started right after work rushing to the Celtics game with the boyfriend and his parents. 


Lots of drinks were consumed and we stayed out until after 11. By the time I got home I was ready to have a hot shower and fall sound asleep, except the sleep didn’t come. I was awake for most of the night unfortunately. 

Saturday morning I ran to the grocery store to get stuff for Friendsgiving later in the day and then came home and started cooking/chopping/baking. I felt like I was rushing the whole day. The boyfriend and I drove down to the cape and over to his moms house to quickly heat the food then headed over to dinner. Only after I passed off the food to the host did I feel like I could relax. We all had a good time I believe and  more beverages were consumed. 


Then most of us headed out to the bar for more beverages and to celebrate the host’s husbands 30th birthday. I felt awful for him because he had a very fun night but then the next morning was up early to be in the Christmas parade. 


He sure had a good spirit about him as he rode by though! 

After we left the Cape I drove home since the boyfriend was a little under the weather. I was going to vacuum and do laundry when I got home but treated myself instead to some couch time and my favorite shows. After a busy week and a constant on the go weekend it was so well deserved. 

The countdown is on until the big vacation! 


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