Training Thursday – Here We Go!

First off I cannot take full credit for this post, most of it was wrote by Becky over at Olives n Wine. She is my Advo guru who probably is getting annoyed with the million texts I send her asking questions. She is just too nice to say so! So where are we going? When are we going? Why are we going? 


January 5th is the next big group 24-Day Challenge and it’s going to be a HUGE one. Like we’re talking HUNDREDS of people jumping on the Advo-train in my nifty Facebook group which makes it A TON of fun. And yes, it is fun 😉

When most of us think of the 24DC, we mostly think of weight loss – am I right? The challenge is actually used for many, many reasons other than weight loss which I’ll get to in a minute… But, the truth of the matter is that over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese – TWO-THIRDS. I happen to be one of them at the moment and plan on doing my part to cut this statistic down. 

What I really love about AdvoCare is that it teaches individuals (and families which in turn also helps children!) how to eat well and fuel your body properly. Yes, it might start with a challenge, but throughout those 24 days challengers are putting the best foods (yes, you eat real food – no shakes or juicing or starving nonsense) into their bodies and filling in any gaps with premier supplements that are all evaluated and created by a medical board.


Teaching families how to eat healthy and live a balanced life in order to help end the obesity epidemic. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Plus, I mean, there is Spark and for anyone that has tried it, you know what I’m talking about 😉


Okay, now for the other reasons people bring AdvoCare into their lives…

  • Increased energy – Putting real foods and awesome supplements into your body gives you energy, who knew?!
  • To prep the body for optimal nutrient absorption – MANY athletes use the 24DC for this purpose every 90 days (Have you seen AdvoCare’s unpaid athletic endorsers? The list is crazy impressive!)
  • Improved fitness/athletic performance – O2Gold is my workout jam.
  • Financial opportunity – The opportunity is huge!  We can chat about this offline if you want to learn more!

Basically, what I wanted to let y’all know today is that the 24DC is used for a variety of reasons and there is no better time to start than the new year!


There is no need to commit today, but if you’re interested in learning more (I’ll be sending out an email to all interested parties in a few weeks which will give you enough time to prep for the January 5th start date!) leave a comment below or shoot me an email: Ashleyunfiltered@gmail.com 

Or, if you were like I was when AdvoCare first came into my life, you want to do it NOW. I get it and that is awesome-sauce. You can get your 24DC here and it will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days.

Once I see your order come through, I’ll get you added into the Facebook group! Just be prepared to have Spark and the 24DC rock your world and to become an Advo-lover like myself 🙂

Get your 24-Day Challenge here!

To read more about my AdvoCare journey, click here, here, here, here or start here and click through for a day by day. 

Or just check out my results, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

 This post was adapted for Becky over at Olives n Wine with permission (I don’t go around stealing posts, I promise!) 

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