Letting Go

I did a Treat Yourself Tuesday similar to this in May which you can find here. It was all about my path and where I wanted to be with my life. Little did I know that two weeks later I would get diagnosed with cancer and my path would take a much different turn this year. As we come up to the end of the year I am reflecting on where I was, where I am and how I got here. Of course since it is Tuesday I’ll be linking up with Becky to do it. 

Divorce wasn't an easy decision to come to . . . but it was necessary to break away from an unsatisfying relationship.

I’ve had to let go of a lot this year. Getting cancer really threw me off the course I was on and made me reevaluate what I needed to do to take care of myself and make myself better. Once I started to get that under control I had to look at less important things like my career. 

Back in May I was prepping myself to stop the madness of the power grab I was on. It wasn’t what I wanted for my life and it wasn’t conducive to any of my long term goals. One thing is very clear though, I cannot stay in the same job I’m in right now. I am not challenged and I’m starting to loose a vested interest in the work that is being done. The second I stop caring about the results is the second I stop putting my all in. 

We must let go of the life we've planned, to have the life that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell

So a new job has come up and I have an interview for it. I almost didn’t apply to it because it wasn’t a step up from where I am now, it wasn’t moving up the ladder, it didn’t require 10+ years of experience that I have. Then I thought “what the #$%^ are you doing?!” I’ve been promised that I won’t loose any money moving to this job, I might actually net more when it is all said and done, yet the thought of being lower on the totem pole was so unappealing I almost didn’t do it. 

The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.

So I will interview on Friday, I will give it my all and not think I’m entitled to the job because of my experience. If I get the job I won’t think I’m above it, but put in my best effort and learn to love my work more. There are so many positives to the job that I’m loosing sight of because of my negative attitude. 

Yep. As far as I'm concerned, MY grass is greenest. Makes for a content life, and I like it that way! No keeping up with the Joneses' allowed in my house!

Who cares where I am compared to where I think the world expects me to be. I have a loving family, a wonderful boyfriend and the best little kitty around. Plus I have a job, which I know in today’s society that is a hard thing to come by. 

Thinking positive is just as easy as thinking negative! So think positive #recovery #addiction www.halfwaytherefl.com

So a change in attitude is in order. Here goes nothing my friends! 


3 thoughts on “Letting Go”

    1. Thank you! I hope it helps me along too, if nothing else people will want to be around me still 🙂

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