Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Hello my friends, hopefully this Monday after a long weekend is treating you well. I know I was well rested when I got up this morning but I sure didn’t want to use all that energy to go to the office. Countdown is on for Christmas break! This recap is devoid of pictures because the phone stayed in my room pretty much the whole time.

Tuesday night started off with a horrible drive! It was a 60 mile back up from Logan airport in Boston all the way out to western Mass on I-90. We didn’t get into my grandparents until after 1:30 in the morning. The next day I got up a little late and went upstairs to sit and chat with them before everyone came and we didn’t have any alone time. The boyfriend made his way up about an hour later and we started off the day. I made some homemade raviolis for our dinner per tradition while the boyfriend helped my grandfather fix things around the house.

We then went to Sauders which is a Mennonite country store in Seneca Falls, NY that had everything. I wish I took pictures but I didn’t even bring my phone, the store was the size of the average grocery store but the prices were so cheap!

I bought 3 pounds of honey for under $10 and a whole tub of bay leaves for $0.80. I had a full basket and walked out spending less than $20. I wish I had something like that around me! After the store we headed home and waited for everyone to show up for Thanksgiving Eve dinner. While I was waiting I started to snack, my grandparents had this dish out and the boyfriend and I both agreed we needed one.


I think between the two of us we ate most of the nuts in that dish. Thanksgiving was uneventful, it was snowing pretty hard all day so we shoveled and then watched football and ate dinner. If you want to see a picture of our dinner just look at the two million on instagram and facebook, ours looked like everyone else’s.

Friday morning we got in the car and headed home for a nice 6 hour dive. By the time we got home we were exhausted so just hung out around the house. Saturday I was in the mood for a workout so I went to the gym and then headed home where we put up my fake tree and some lights and decorations.


I didn’t want to get a real tree this year because we are headed to Costa Rica on the 27th and I don’t want to come home to a pile of needles or rush and take down a tree on the 26th.

On Sunday I went to the gym again and then we went out to downtown to watch some football and hang out. I loved the huge tree they put up in Quincy market.


While walking back to the car last night the arbors were all lit up and it was beautiful.



We even saw people getting engagement photos done under them.

Those are the cliff notes of the long weekend. I hope everyone had a relaxing time and got to spend time with your loved ones. 24 more days until Christmas!


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