Food Blogs I’m Grateful For

Good morning and a happy Wednesday to you! I’m currently in Upstate NY starting my long weekend early with my grandparents. To continue on with things I’m grateful for I’m going to do Food Blogs that I’m grateful for.

#5 The Real Life RD


Robyn blogs over at The Real Life RD and she gives such good fact based nutritional advice that I just gobble (ha ha I so funny) her posts up when they come out. She is currently in school to become a RN and her patients will be so lucky. She has taught me a lot about fixing my metabolism and not starving my body of nutrients to lose weight. I’m very grateful for the advice she gives every weeks.

#4 Primally Inspired

Cranberry Orange Bars No Bake (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)  via Primally Inspired

Kelly blogs over at Primally Inspired and her recipes and photos are amazing. The woman is so strong and so fit and makes the best recipes that taste out of this world. I’m constantly making her paleo tortillas which are perfect for Taco Tuesday nights. She also does some of the best Stitch Fix recaps I’ve ever seen in my life!

#3 Kath Eats Real Food


Kathy is a mom to the most adorable boy and her blog is one of the first that I started reading. I have made the almonds above multiple times for parties (I cannot make them when it is just me because I will eat them all!) and they are always a huge hit. I love her blog and I love the food that she makes. She has a squiggle line theory where you balance out your indulgence with some good nutritious foods. I love it!

#2 I Heart Vegetables

Mexican Quinoa Bake.jpg

Liz makes the most amazing food with vegetables as the base. As someone who constantly struggles to get the proper amount of vegetables her blog is awesome. I have made so many things, and next up is that amazing bake pictured above she made. My favorite is the spaghetti squash mac and cheese, it tastes so decadent but is so good for you. She is so humble and I love her little space on the web!

#1 Peas and Crayons

Skip the restaurant, grab a fresh baguette, and whip up this wildly addictive roasted garlic olive oil + herb dip... at home!

No not just because I’m linking up with Jen today but please if you haven’t stop by her blog. She makes the most amazing dishes like the dip above that I have to try out and her taste buds almost mirror mine. I need to know her secret to staying so thin with all this amazing food because I’m pretty sure if I had this kind of food laying around all the time I would eat it up. Her daughter is adorable, her photos are the bomb and her writing is hysterical.

There you have it! Play along and let me know food blogs below that I should follow!


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