Training Thursday #4

Happy Thursday my friends and welcome to the fourth installment of Training Thursday!

Training Thursday

If you are new to Training Thursday head on over here and see why I started this. This is a perfect week to talk about what we do when we are too busy to workout. I’m having one of those weeks right now where I haven’t left work until late and have had things after work two out of the three nights this past week. Tonight my gym bag is packed but what could I have done to mitigate not getting any exercise the past three days? Here are some tips that I should have taken myself.

What to do when you are too busy to workout

1. Go to the gym in the morning. Ugh right, it’s the worst getting out of your cozy bed earlier to go early in the morning, but I promise once you are there it is fantastic. I’ve never seen such energetic people as when I go to the gym before work.

2. Do the deck of cards workout.

So simple and so quick! Take a deck of cards and assign an exercise to a suit, then do the number on the card of that exercise. So for example if you assign jumping jacks to hearts and you flip over a four of hearts you do four jumping jacks. Very easy and you need no equipment so you can do it in your home at any time.

3. Go for a walk at lunch or get up and go up and down a few flights of stairs in your building. Not a workout but a good way to keep the blood moving, keep your stress levels down and make sure you get some movement in your day.

4. Download aps such as the Nike Training Club that build custom workouts for you that you can do with little or no equipment.

5. If there is no way you can get out and get a workout in then be mindful of what you are eating those days. You want to be able to feel your best and do your best so put the good stuff in your body. I have been eating homemade chicken noodle soup every day with tons of veggies and protein shakes in the morning, it’s left me satisfied but also left me feeling good about what is going into my body.

Hopefully next week I’ll have another awesome workout to share with you, until then know that we are all human and go through periods where it isn’t possible to get to the gym or get out. That’s ok, if you stress about that you are just making the situation worse. As a lady at Weight Watchers once said, we have the power of a million small choices.

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