Training Thursday, Workouts

Training Thursday #3

You ever have one of those days where working out seems like such a chore? Of course you do, you are human. Well I had one of those this past Friday. I just wanted to go home and have the week be over and the only thing that was standing between me and the weekend was the gym. I almost skipped, I won’t lie, I was so close to just calling it a day but then I remembered how great I feel after I have a good sweat.

Training Thursday

Sounds so phony right? Oh so you totally weren’t going to the gym and then the thought of how great you felt after just swayed you into going. Right. So it wasn’t just that. I wanted to feel that way but I didn’t want to sit there and do the work. So I came up with a plan to bust my boredom and fly through a solid 45 minutes of cardio.



It was a solid 45 minutes of cardio where I ended sweaty and really proud of myself that I made it to the gym when I hadn’t wanted to go. To also keep it interesting I kept mixing up the music I was listening to. I have so many play lists, you can find a lot of them here, and kept listening to songs that made me energized. If I started to feel sluggish during a song I would immediately change it and start a new one.

I realize this won’t work every time I don’t want to go to the gym, but it is a good start to find things that make the time pass quickly when I don’t want to be there.

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