Oh thank the lord it is here! It’s a cold fall weekend coming up and I cannot wait to get out there and deep breathe some autumn air! Perhaps roast a chicken on Sunday and do a Thanksgiving dinner… mmmmm Until then I’m going to link up with Katie,  Heather and Clare to show you what is making me happy this week.

photo 11

Snuggles from this little guy. He has been sleeping with me and jumping into my lap and just an all around snuggle bug. I know it is because the weather has turned a little cold but I’m pretending it is just because he love to snuggle now.

photo 13

The Crock Pot party my office has last week while most people were out of town for meetings. It was only ladies left in the office so we all brought in our Crock Pots one day and made tons of food. The place smelt amazing and lunch was so delicious. I made some party meatballs that when I make again I’ll photograph and put the recipe up.

photo 14

Pink pasta! Also known as animal pasta, the recipe is here. What makes it pink? Oh just tons of delicious beets. It might be the last time I make it though because the boyfriend was a total brat about how the apartment smelled after. I thought it smelled fantastic of earthy beets. He thought more like vomit.

photo 15Last but not least coffee from Starbucks! It is so delicious and they have the new holiday flavors out now. I am still loving the Cinnamon Dolce Cappuccino. It isn’t on the menu so you have to ask for it but it is so delicious.

That is all for now friends have a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “TGIF”

    1. oh my lord I love your blog name! you would totally understand my obsession with beets!!I agree the second I see gingerbread on the menu I start to frequent a lot more, plus those red cups just make me happy!

    1. I made cocktail meatball, others made tacos, pulled chicken with cole slaw, some dessert that I didn’t really look at, kielbasa with pineapple and a few other things I’m forgetting right now. Way too much meat! I needed salads for a few days after.

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