Training Thursday

Training Thursday’s #2

Happy Friday Eve to you all. Is it just me or has this week been flying by? It could be all the work I have had to do at the office but I’m glad that Friday is almost here. Speaking of things I’m glad for, I’m so grateful to the people who linked up with me last week for my first Training Thursday!

Training Thursday

If you are new to Training Thursday head on over here and see why I started this link up. Each week I hope to bring you guys something new to shake up your routine or perhaps give you some ideas. I’m also hoping to steal from you so help a girlfriend out and link up below!

Sunday is normally the day I do Body Pump. I love Body Pump and love how my muscles just shake when I complete the workout. Between a softball game and the Patriots game though I had to miss the class. On Monday I wanted to try and max my muscles out a little to get some of the benefits the class gives me and came up with this workout.


Each exercise should be done for one minute straight (unless it has a x2 or x3 etc then should be done for that many minutes) with as heavy a weight as you can muster for a full minute. Try to take few breaks in between each exercise too. I only took two breaks during the whole thing and had sweat dripping down at the end.

A thing that I found that was so helpful in my timing was Power Hour Playlists on Youtube. That way I didn’t have to look at the clock I just changed exercise when the music changed. Yes I know, using a drinking game to time your workouts is a little ironic. The play lists I used are below.

Dave Matthews Part 1

Dave Matthews Part 2

White Panda

The Best of the 90s Music Mix

Hopefully I have inspired some of you to get out there and pump some iron. Let me know what you have been up to this week!




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