Last Monday WHO asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink. I hadn’t seen her in awhile so I was excited to see her, I wasn’t so excited to be going out on a week night though. I’m such an old lady at heart and thought I would get home way too  late and be too tired. I was completely wrong on all accounts. I’m linking up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons to bring you a What I Ate Wednesday Monday!

PicMonkey CollageWe met up outside  and went in grabbing a spot at the bar. The beer menu there is two pages (small font) long so I was hoping that they had flights where I could try a ton of different beers. The bartender explained to me that they didn’t do flights because they liked all their beers to be served in the proper glass wear. I LOVE IT! As someone who works in the beer industry and tries to get people to experience beer properly this was awesome. I cheated on my company and ordered Namaste


It smelled awful, like spoiled milk or as I put it to WHO “cat puke” but the taste was fantastic, very light and slightly sweet. I was hoping that WHO would want to grab a bite to eat too since I didn’t have time to eat dinner before, she was game so we ordered two small plates to share.

photo 1

The steak tartar was so good, the smeary egg and the spices with the buttery toasts made it something I could eat in mass quantity. I’m glad I didn’t though because I’m sure raw meat and eggs should be in moderation.

photo 2

The Pierogis were also amazing. I used to hate these when my mom made them from frozen bags (sorry mama) but fresh ones are out of this world. My best friend Erin has a family recipe for them so I’m going to try and steal it from her. If she can’t be talked into it I know her Aunt will totally let me have it. (HI GINNY!!)


Another fun things was the bathroom doors.

photo 3


They were the beer menu and each door was a different style.

I was so satisfied with the food and beer and my heart was so full from the quality time I spent with WHO that I went home and just felt content and happy.

What’s your favorite beer? I don’t know if I have found mine yet, but Franziskaner is a close runner up. 




2 thoughts on “Meadhall”

  1. I wish I was a beer person because no joke, every one of my coworkers, and my boyfriend and all his roommates love it.

    I just can’t do it. But I’ll do wine any day.

    Your food looks amazing. Sounds like a great place to unwind.

    1. you should try ciders then! I use to be just eh about beer but started on ciders and then started to explore more styles and varieties. I still love a great glass of wine though so I’m with you!

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