Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Good morning friends! I cannot believe the weekend flew by as fast as it did. This weekend was slammed with activities so without stalling anymore here is my weekend!

We started off by heading to the boyfriends moms house. There we had birthday pizza and tons of cheese and crackers. I made a homemade funfetti cake for him as well that we had.

photo 1

It was so rich though that he didn’t really like it. I felt bad, hopefully the idea I have for next year he enjoys better! The next day we relaxed and then went home to shower and head out to go bowling. The boyfriend loves bowling in the middle of the afternoon, I always find it so dark and depressing. It was his birthday though so he got to choose whatever he wanted.

photo 3

I chose the birthday theme for the display and then went to type in our names. The whole left side of the keyboard wasn’t working though so I was Nick and he was Frdd.

photo 4

There was a little guy next to us who was bowling with his dad. You can see the back of his head in the picture above to the bottom right. I thought it was so funny because for the drinks on the other side of the table there was this.

photo 2

A milk and a rum and coke. After bowling we headed home to get ready for his birthday party. We went to a fantastic bar where I didn’t remember to take out my camera at all. Since it was daylight savings we stayed there until almost 3:00.

Sunday I was up semi early to go to a softball tournament but it got canceled because of the SNOW we were having. I then headed home and got ready to go to the Patriots game. Luckily work gave me suite seats so I was nice and toasty warm while they were playing.

photo 5

By the time I got home at 9 I was so tired, I think I was sound asleep before 10 hit. That is a true sign of a busy weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend.


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