Fitness Blogs I’m Grateful For

Ok so I’m running a little behind. I didn’t want to jump on the computer while I was with my family so this Training Thursday will be on Saturday. Today I want to give thanks to fitness blogs that I’m grateful for and have helped me motivate myself.

Training Thursday

Also yes this will be the last week I use the fall graphic!

#5 Fit N Cookies

Sweat It Out: Cardio and Strength Circuit that will take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Heather blogs at Fit N Cookies and I love her workouts, they are fast and to the point. I am not a fan of staying at the gym for hours a day. Some days it is called for but if all the workouts require me to be at the gym for a few hours I will quickly lose interest. I stopped following her for awhile because my blog reader didn’t like her blog, but I switched to Bloglovin and have been reading up ever since.

#4 Olives N Wine

BP 2

This mama-to-be doesn’t really create workouts, but she made my top 5 list because of all the posts she does on working out. The pictures of her and her results inspire me to get my booty out there. I started to go to body pump seriously when I saw the results she was getting. Seriously look at those shoulders!

#3 Hey Lauren Rene


Lauren is the person I started Advocare under and her story is so inspirational. I love looking at her before and after pictures because it gives me hope that I can some day get to the level she is. If you don’t follow her blog I would highly suggest following her instagram, this lady can lift some weights! So inspiring and so motivating.

#2 Fit and Free with Emily


Emily is one of my favorite bloggers. She is currently on a break from blogging and I don’t know if she will come back. The reason I love her blog so much is because it is so real, a lot of blogs out there are blogs where I feel like if the girl walked around the block she would lose 10 pounds. Emily blogs about her struggles and what she is working on to overcome them. It isn’t all “life is great and I’m so healthy” at her blog which is a breath of fresh air.

#1 Peanut Butter Fingers

Spinning Class Playlist

When trying to choose an image I just picked the first one I saw. My phone is littered with screen shots of Julie’s workouts and playlists and I could post at least a dozen right of the bat here. Julie is amazing, she has such an upbeat attitude about everything and I wish I lived by her so she could be my personal trainer. If I could choose one blogger body to switch with it would be her for sure! She is the first blog I ever read and after two years I am still hooked on it. She is one of the reasons I became a blogger and I just adore her blog!

Now your turn, tell me what fitness blogs I should be following.