What I Ate Wednesday

Well happy humpday friends! I’m glad to be back to share some of my eats with you this week, I missed doing it last week for sure. Like always I’m linking up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons to bring you an edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

PicMonkey Collage

Two weeks ago I was in New York City for work for a few days (I’m telling you it’s insane busy right now) and stayed at the W hotel. When I walked into the room I found one of the most impressive mini bars I’ve ever seen.

photo 1

Seriously look at all of those snacks and packaged in such cute little tins and canisters. I managed to not eat any of them though because I’m sure a thing of gummy bears would run me about $20. I knew that I would be in for some long meetings though every day so I did start each morning with a large breakfast to hold me over. The first morning I went down stairs and ordered something I had never heard of before. Traditional Congee with a poached egg.

photo 2Congee is a rice porridge that was quite tasty and the egg was cooked to perfection. The sides were some fried scallions some fresh scallions and then some shredded pork. I put both scallions in and started to dig in. The texture is velvety and comforting and the addition of the egg gives it a creaminess that was heaven. I ate most of this bowl before I stopped afraid of getting too full and wanting to fall back asleep. I’ve made this a few times since and still haven’t gotten the congee down like they did.

photo 4 photo 3Sushi!! I love it and could eat it a few times a week. Sadly the ones above were not the best, they looked amazing but the amount of tempura flakes that were in each really took away from the dish. I just can’t get good sushi by me! The boyfriend won’t be home for dinner tonight though so maybe I’ll try again.

Sorry no recipe this time, but I’m asking you for a recipe. If any of you have ever made congee and know a great way to make it please let me know, otherwise I’ll continue to scour the internet until I find something.




5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. The congee sounds awesome! I’ve never had it before, but am really interested in trying it.

    I’m sorry the sushi wasn’t as good. It’s one of my favourites, too 🙂 I try to stick to paleo, but I certainly don’t mind the rice and everything when it comes to quality sushi!

    1. I hated all the little fried bits in the sushi, so sad! The Congee was amazing though and I’m trying so hard to get the recipe down right.

      Is rice paleo? I’m not sure of the rules when it comes to that, I know it is clean so I eat it and try to stay away from beads and pastas with added sugars.

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