Treat Yourself Tuesday

Good morning my friends! Two days in a row, I think I’m back on the blogging wagon. I know my mama is happy about that. Today I’m linking up with Becky at Olives n Wine for a Treat Yourself Tuesday that is a little different.

PicMonkey Collage

I didn’t actually buy any of these treats. My best friend Erin (who I miss so much it kills me) sent me a package while she was home in New York for a long weekend. I got it when she was back in Brazil and was so shocked. I came home and there was a package sitting on the counter, I saw that it was from her and was a little confused. She didn’t say she was sending me anything and I didn’t think I forgot anything when I was in New York last time. I opened the box and there was a wonderful card saying that she missed me and she wanted to cheer me up. I started to tear up but the boyfriend, who was like a small child, wanted me to get to opening the boxes. There was a bag of Reeses cups that he immediately took and started eating.

photo 5

First two things I unwrapped were a new lip gloss that tastes so good like peaches and cream and the best nail polish I have ever used. It is such a dark blue and only takes one coat. It’s unheard of! I put it on (forgot to take a picture) and it was so dark it didn’t need a second coat.

photo 3

A new little pumpkin candle holder which is so cute and lights up so pretty at night.

photo 4

Then some candles to put in it, which you can tell I couldn’t even wait to take the pictures before I started him up. He makes me so happy when I light him.

photo 2Then this book. I started reading it Sunday night and cannot put it down. It is such a page turner and I am loving it. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and I love her so much for making my week so bright with this surprise. I’m so lucky to have a best friend like her and cannot wait until she lives back in the US again.



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