Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Phew it’s been awhile! It’s the crazy busy time again at work so between putting in 12 hour days and stressing out I haven’t wanted to open my computer to even do an update. Hopefully that is starting to slow down now though and I can get back to blogging. These past two weekends have been almost shell shock. An example is I got home from being out with the boyfriend on Saturday at around 4:30 in the afternoon and slept on the couch until after 6:30. I still managed to go to bed around 10:30 too. That would make a pretty boring recap, luckily I still haven’t recapped the bachelorette party for my friend Jen a few weekends ago so let’s do that now.

It started off rainy, I drove down and picked up one of my friends, Holly, at the train station and we headed into downtown Newport to get some lunch. We were originally told that things were going to start at 1 but then they got pushed back by a few hours so we had some time to kill. After a long and relaxing lunch we headed out to the house we would be staying at and helped with some last minute decorations and hung out while everyone arrived. Once that happened we all jumped into cars and headed out to the Newport vineyard. We went there for Erin’s bachelorette party too, but it had completely changed.

photo 1Instead of one small bar in the gift shop it was huge tankers and open concept with three bars doing the tastings.

photo 2

There was 12 of us, so it took awhile for a spot to open for all of us, once it did though we quickly got into the tasting.

photo 3

I opted to try two whites and three reds. I normally don’t like whites but always want to try them when I’m doing a flight to see if there is one I find that I enjoy. Sadly I’m not a huge fan of this vineyard because like last time I really didn’t enjoy any of the wine. After we were done we headed back home since it was raining so all the outside seating was soaked. We hung out for awhile and chatted then got ready to go out for dinner, a comedy improv show and then dancing later on. I didn’t take any pictures but it was a great time. The improv show was the best, they even pulled Jen on stage and did a whole parody about her and her fiances engagement.

The next morning we all go dressed and headed out to Oktoberfest that was downtown.

photo 4

There was tons of outdoor seating and a huge tent that traditional German music was being played in. We found some outdoor seating and enjoyed a few beers and some lunch.

photo 5I think everyone was beat from the night before because after a few hours everyone wanted to go home. While walking out I found a fantastic hat for sale that I had to have.


My friends and boyfriend who I texted this picture to thought I was nuts. I think it’s pretty awesome though.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and making dinner. The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn driving Holly to the train station and getting to work. It was a fun weekend though with a great group of girls. Now I just need to find a dress for the wedding!





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