Parla Boston

Last Wednesday I went to a place called Parla in Boston’s North End with Allie and Mia. I had found the place from a Facebook article as one of the best places to go for the design. I can’t say I was blown away by the design but I sure did love the food. I’m going to link up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons to bring you a true view on what I ate on Wednesday!

First off parking in the North End is miserable. Miserable I tell you! It is almost impossible to find a spot that isn’t a lot, don’t try it, not worth the aggravation. There are lots that are under $20 on the back end away from Quincy Market, go there. So once I took my own advice and parked I hurried to meet up with the ladies who were already there, they told me they were by the door so it would be easy to see them. Actually it was easy to see them because the place is very tiny, I think there is probably 10 tables and it is the size of a large bedroom, including the bar. I would highly suggest getting reservations because I’m sure this place gets packed quickly, we were there on a Wednesday and there were no free tables.

The ladies were already looking at a wine list when I got there, I was craving a beer but wine seemed fine for the group so I didn’t look much further. We then saw that they had a cheese plate as well as meatballs for an appetizer. We ordered both.

photo 1

The meatballs came out and then something came out that looked like two hard boiled eggs. We started eating the meatballs while wondering what the heck those egg things were. When the waitress came back we asked and she explained it was the burrata which was the cheese plate. Ok not to be a snot but that isn’t a cheese plate, that isn’t even a cheese in my opinion. It was good, but it wasn’t what I was looking for when I got a cheese plate. Tip two, this place does not have a cheese plate.

Choosing dinner I was torn, I loved the sound of the turkey dinner but I also liked the sound of the scallops, beets and vermicelli. So I told the waitress to have the chef make whatever he wanted to.

photo 2

Scallops it was, they were cooked perfectly without any grit and the pasta and beets were fantastic too. I ate everything on my plate and then soaked up the juices with some extra bread. When it came time to choosing dessert I knew I wanted to try the smores and I also loved the sound of the donuts. We couldn’t decide on one so we got both.

photo 3

The smore came out with a cover and when she lifted it up a puff of smoke escaped that smelled like a camp fire. It was beautiful, and tasted just like a smore deconstructed! The best part was the smoky vanilla ice cream, I don’t know if I ever want non smoky vanilla ice cream again.

photo 4

Then our donuts came out with jelly infusers to infuse your own donut with jelly. Genius! This was also phenonminal and the reason I made donuts for the boyfriend over the weekend. They were so wonderful and soft and the jelly and grapes around gave it a nice kick of sweet and tart.

I left full and happy. This place is a great place for a date as it isn’t loud and the prices are reasonable. Plus the dessert is completely for sharing, so I’m glad I got to go there with my favorite dates!


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