A Few Treats

This fine Tuesday I’m going to link up with Becky over at Olives n Wine to bring you an addition of Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Treat Yourself Tuesday is all about doing nice things for yourself to make you feel important, worthy, pampered, relaxed etc. I really need to put more effort into doing these because I have been failing miserably. I just purchased a new iPhone so when that comes in I’ll share it as a big treat. Sadly I’ve been treating myself with food.

photo 1


Tons of ice cream cones to end off the day.

photo 2


Donuts on Saturday that weren’t even really a treat for me but more for the boyfriend, though I did have two.

I did treat myself to a book this weekend. Well half a book. I read half and then stopped and for the longest time didn’t pick it up again. Then this weekend I decided to give it a second go. I finished it in less than 48 hours. It was a lot of reading on the couch which is what I needed and the rainy Saturday was perfect for it.

I have also treated myself to a lot of running, though it isn’t a ‘fun’ treat, it is good for my mental status. Helps me work out things and calm myself. Also makes me starving though.

So those are my measly treat, which brings me to the question portion. What should I do to start really treating myself and making myself feel awesome? What do you do?


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