Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

What a lazy weekend I had! On Friday I got home and wanted to just fall asleep, when the boyfriend got home he wanted to go out to dinner in Boston. We compromised and went to dinner at Ecco, a restaurant we went to here. Like before the food was fantastic and I ate everything in front of me. We then headed home where I lasted about five minutes into the movie before passing out cold. When I woke up Saturday it was raining, so I did some laundry, made some donuts and read on the couch pretty much all day. Up until it was time for the boyfriend and I to head to the race. It was drizzling out and chilly but I was happy to be outside doing an activity with him. The race was moved due to a location issue to an old horse racing track, the boyfriend and I listened to some music that a DJ was playing pre race.

photo 1

Lots of glow powder was being tossed.

photo 2

We then headed over to the start line so we could be one of the first people out. I learned from a color run a few years back that you want to be in the first waves to get water and the glow powder! We waited for probably 20 minutes while music was playing but it didn’t seem that long.

photo 4 photo 5

Then we were off, the course was really hard, it covered 3.1 miles but a lot of it was through a packed field that was uneven and tons of grass underfoot which just sucked the energy out of you while you ran. We finished in under 10 minute miles though which felt great and then went to get a beverage while we cooled off a little.

photo1 1 photo 3

We watched the after party go on, but since it was now raining a little harder and we had to drive home we decided one beer was enough and hit the road.

photo 12

I felt bad because the boyfriend wanted to go down to visit his mom, but I was so tired by the time we got home I just wanted to do something quick and go to bed. We went out for dinner and a few drinks and again I was sound asleep by 11:30.

Sunday I was more productive, I ran over 7 miles, played softball and then watched the Patriots game. Until a little after 11 where I fell asleep on the couch. I don’t know what it is about this weekend but I wanted to sleep!

photo 13

Side note, I have the biggest goober of a cat, this is him after I packed the cooler for the softball team.


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