What’s Making Me Happy

Well friends it is Friday, yes the last time you heard from me it was Monday. What about my treats on Tuesday? What about learning what I ate on  Wednesday? What about a cancer post on Thursday? Well we are just going to have to wait until next week. Hopefully by then I’ll have gotten around to actually taking pictures of my life again and putting up posts. I do have a Friday Favorites for you. I’m linking up with Katie, Heather and Clare to share with you my favorite things this Friday and hopefully will be back in full force on Monday!

photo 1

Sweets! Pumpkin sweets to be exact. I cannot get enough of the pumpkin lately. I have been making green smoothies with pumpkin in them for breakfast and have been drinking them down before I even leave the house. This was delivered to our office the other day, pumpkin cake on top of cheesecake. I inhaled it!

photo 2

More sweets, I bought a bunch of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and have been having cones for dessert almost every night. Such a good way to make sure I don’t eat a ton of ice cream but so delicious still.

photo 3

Dinner date with my ladies on Wednesday night and dessert (oh my lord I’m on a sweets bender) was the highlight. I’ll recap that all on Wednesday for you but definitely a favorite this week was the date with the ladies and the donuts for dessert!

photo 4

Finally something non sweets, the Skimm. It is an email I get every morning that tells me what the top stories are in the news and breaks it down into jargon I can actually follow and am interested in following. Not only that it explains why that particular piece of news is important. I highly suggest signing up for a daily email on their website.

Last but not least the boyfriend and I are running in the black light run this Saturday. I’m really excited to do a fun run with him again.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy”

    1. Katie it is so helpful! I don’t feel like a complete dolt because I don’t have time to watch / read the news.

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