Boyfriend memories, Cancer

The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Tuesday Week 1

Well switching sides of the bed was a horrible idea. I woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain I just started crying. Instead of making the boyfriend switch and trying to fall asleep I went out and took some pain killers and then laid on the couch in a sitting up position to take some of the pressure off my back. The boyfriend didn’t want me to be alone out on the couch so he laid out there with me all night. I told him multiple times to go back in the bedroom but he wasn’t having it. I am sure one lucky girl. By the time his alarm went off I was so drugged up I couldn’t move, he said goodbye to me when he left but I don’t really remember it. I finally came out of my stupor around 12:30 and showered, and got dressed.

I felt a little more normal after but still was in some pain so I spent the day on the couch with my kindle and I started to watch Breaking Bad since I had never seen it. The boyfriend came home a little after 5:30 and was looking pretty beat. I felt horrible for him so I was able to cook him a little dinner and we hung out for awhile.

When we went to bed we didn’t try the opposite sides thing again, lesson learned last night!


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