Power Cookies

What a title right? Power cookies. First off, I love cookies, adore them actually. I have a ton in my freezer and when I make cookies for the boyfriend I have to make them with ingredients that I don’t like. If I don’t do this I’ll be putting cookies in my mouth faster than the old cookie monster did. (I guess the new one eats vegetables to promote nutrition) Today I’m going to link up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons  and bring you these awesome cookies.

photo 1

So awhile back I was reading PBFingers and Julie had a made some Peanut Butter Energy bites. Sounded delicious, and it only had four ingredients. Perfect! I made them last week and to make them clean I just replaced the 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of honey. To keep them round I put them in muffin tins and made them a lot bigger so  they were no longer bites but cookies. It only made 6 and not the 15 her recipes calls for. You can find the recipe here.

To me they tasted like very dense peanut butter cookies and I had one every day for a snack or breakfast. I bought another jar of peanut butter this weekend so these cookies will be making a regular rotation.

I also made these bad boys for the boyfriend last Sunday.

photo 2A big ole pile of BBQ ribs. I paired it with some corn bread and he was in heaven. He ate until he almost couldn’t move. The recipe was a crock pot one and so easy to make. I love hands off recipes! You can find it here. 

That’s all for this week, not a ton of cooking being done in the house right now. I do have a beet salad that is on the menu tonight, plus some animal pasta, and a recap of the apple crisp I made so look for that next week!

What’s your favorite dessert? Cheese cake. Or really anything with crushed graham crackers. 



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