The Skin Cancer Chronicles – 48 Hours Post

48 hours post-op I was bored out of my mind. Spending all day on the couch Saturday had made me restless and made me cranky. So the boyfriend and I decided to go to his moms for Father’s Day. I would have gone to my dads, but the trip was just too long so I settled for at least getting out of the house. I went to get in the shower and just stood there. I had a water resistant bandage on but I didn’t want to get it that wet. The doctor had told me I greatly reduce the risk of infection and additional scaring if I can keep the bandage on for the two weeks. So I washed like I wasn’t going to get my hair wet and the at the end bend my head down into the stream facing forward to get some shampoo.

Normally showers are my favorite but at this moment they were just a means to an end. I felt like a new person once clean though. I wanted to try to not take any meds since they make me all loopy and make my nose itch. I took some Tylenol and then started to get dressed. I was still in pain though and I didn’t want to get in the car miserable so my resolve to not take any meds went away.

We headed to his moms and hung out for awhile, I was outside in the shade the whole time while people were splashing in the pool. Normally I would be upset, but I was so out of it I just sat there and drank water. When the sun moved and trees shaded part of the pool I sat on the edge and the boyfriend came and sat next to me. I wanted to cry, I was so worn out from the few hours I was there that I just wanted to go home. He knew something was up, so he got us all packed up and we headed on our way.

I was so happy to be out of the house for the few hours and so happy to fall into a deep sleep the second I got back. I woke up hours later in time for dinner to only fall back asleep again. I can’t wait until I can stay awake for more than four hours at a time.


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