Fall is Here

Hello friends and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone made it through Monday as best as possible. Since it is Tuesday and since I have needed some treats to pick me up, lets not waste any time and dive right into another Treat Yourself Tuesday hosted by Becky over at Olives n Wine. 

The theme of this week is fall. I haven’t been full on letting summer go, but this week I was ready to bring on the fall smells so I purchased two candles when I was at TJ Maxx. photo 3 photo 2

The hickory pumpkin one smells divine! The cider one also has a great fall smell though so I’m happy with both purchases. Speaking of pumpkin I think this is like my millionth pumpkin coffee that I have had.

photo 1

I also treated myself to an at home  fall colored manicure. Though I was trying to find the new no light needed gel polish but it was all sold out at Target, oh well I will have to keep going to Target to find it!photo


Pretty simple fall treats but everything has gotten me in the mood for winter. I’m one of those crazy girls who loves the winter now with all the skiing I do. The other day I smelled fall, the damp dead leaves and the crisp air. It’s been real summer but it’s time for you to go!

Do you go pumpkin crazy? I normally am pretty normal, a few pumpkin foods here and there and fall smelling candles. Dunkin pumpkin coffee on the other hand is a different story. 


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