Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Well it’s another Monday. This weekend was a tough one for me so I don’t have a ton of pictures but I still want to recap it. Friday started off comical, the boyfriend was waiting at home when I finally got out of work and went to the gym, he didn’t see me until almost 7:30. We then decided we were going to go on a date, not just grab dinner but go for like a slow eating with tons of talking date. So we get ready and head out to Coppa, which I have recaped here. We were planning on eating on the side bar or at the main bar since they don’t take reservations for 2. They didn’t have anything for almost two hours. That was a little long, so we then headed to Beehive where there was no wait at the bar but for a table there was a wait until a little after 10. We got to the bar and the boyfriend didn’t want to eat dinner there, he wanted to sit down. So we ordered an app and some drinks. Around 10 we still hadn’t been seated and I had enough, so we went across the street, ordered a pizza and headed home.

Not the most romantic date but it was one we won’t forget. I headed to bed a few minutes after I ate a slice of pizza because I knew I would have to get up early the next day. Saturday I was up before the alarm so I went into the shower to get ready. Saturday was the day we had the memorial for my grandma. We had a family only service here but this one was the official one with the reverend. We first went up to the place where we scattered her to show one of my uncles where she was. It was a beautiful day and the view was amazing.

photo 1

I didn’t feel like she was there though if that makes sense, normally I know when she is watching over me but I didn’t feel her there. It was still beautiful though, I saw more of these cute guys.

photo 4

and a beautiful bumblebee in the flowers.

photo 2

At the service I kept remembering how strong my grandma was so every time a wave of tears would wash over me I would close my eyes and think of her strength. We then as a family went to her grave site next to my grandpa and the reverend said a few words. After that was done I wanted to go home. I love my family deeply but it was too much for me. We got home and had dinner and I then passed out in the boyfriends lap. I slept in his lap for almost 4 hours while he watched TV and then played video games. He finally woke me up when it was time for bed. I then slept until almost 10 the next day. I was just worn out emotionally.

Sunday I was in a much better space, I headed out after breakfast to the gym and ran for 6 miles on the treadmill.

photo 3


I felt tired but awesome after I was done. I then headed to Target and Stop and Shop to get food for the week. Once home I put ribs in the slow cooker, made some energy snacks and watched football with the boyfriend. Next weekend I head home to VT to apple pick with my mama. A much better weekend in my opinion! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.


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