Book Review


Whoa! I don’t even know how to start this post, this book was beyond my expectations. It came as an amazon recommendation while I was downloading a lot of other books and it looked pretty good so I decided to give it a shot.


The story is the true account of Louis Zamperini’s survival of the second World War. I’m sure a lot of people who don’t have their head in a hole (I apparently do) have heard of him or at least of the story since Angelina Jolie is turning it into a movie. He was a bomber in the second World War who’s plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean and he was captured by the Japanese and held POW.

Sounds like a simple story right? What I left out was he floated with three men on a life raft after his plane crashed for over 45 days. They had nothing on the raft, nothing to eat and nothing to drink. They finally find land, only to be captured by the Japanese and put through inhumane experiences. He is tortured beyond what the human mind can wrap itself around, even reading it the story seemed fake.

The book is beautifully written, it transported me to the middle of the ocean, brought me to the slums of Japan and through California and Hawaii where the Air Force bases were. The first part of the book tells of Louie before the war, his Olympic running and his college life. It then tells of all his antics when he was in basic training. The second part that accountants for what happen, Laura had a way of making it seem like you were reading about two different men. You were though, there is no way the human spirit can live through what he did and drastically alter.

The book is chilling and profoundly sad, written with impeccable detail. It is also hopeful though and a wonderful insight to what a human can endure when they have a strong will to live. I don’t want to give anything away in the book, if you can go into like I did, knowing very little I would highly recommend not checking facts on the internet or looking into the synopsis’ of his life that are everywhere. Read her book first and be surprised at all that he went through.


SounLouis ZZamperini’s amperini


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