Treating Myself

Good morning my friends and happy Tuesday. We made it through Monday which is always a huge win in my book! Now it is time for another Treat Yourself Tuesday, if you are new to Treat Yourself Tuesday head on over to Becky’s blog Olives n Wine (and be super jealous she is moving to sunny FL) to learn more about the concept of treating yourself.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I didn’t think I would have a lot of treats for you this week, but this weekend I took the whole weekend and did things that made me happy. I went hiking

photo 3

I went to a baseball game with my best friend.

photo 13

And I got a bajillion baby snuggles.

photo 11

There isn’t anything I could have bought that would have made me happier than what I did for myself this weekend. That being said I have bought a few things that I’ll also share with you. The first one is my new planner.


I am obsessed with this thing! It is a Lilly Pulitzer 17 month planner that is amazing. Yes I love the bright pink color, yes I love the sticker pack that comes with it but there is also so much more. It has full month calendars and then each week has extra room to write things. It has a horoscope page, pockets to store documents and easy tabs to find what you are looking for. I still put things in my calendar on the computer, but there is something so final about writing plans down in pen. I love it.

Last purchase was some new body scrub from a lady in my office.


I love this stuff, it smells amazing, like citrus and mint almost and works so well. There are some fantastic oils in the scrub that leave my skin so soft and silky while the crystals polish always all my dead skin. After I use this stuff up I’m going to look online for a DIY scrub I can make myself because I love the way I feel after using it in the shower.

I hope everyone found a way to treat themselves this past week!

Do you have any scrub ‘recipes’? 


3 thoughts on “Treating Myself”

    1. Aren’t planners the best!? I highly recommend this one, I also know that Vera Bradley makes a pretty cool one too as well.

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