The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Post Operation

Driving home was dicey. I didn’t want to hit any bumps, I didn’t want to feel anything. I told the boyfriend I didn’t want to feel a thing, I wanted to make it through the two weeks and not feel anything. I knew that wasn’t realistic though. We stopped by CVS to fill my pain medicine and then pick up some Tylenol, the whole time I was paranoid someone was going to bump into me. The boyfriend said that he would come back and pick up my prescription, he just wanted to get me home. So we headed home where I built a seating area in the couch that didn’t hurt me. We ordered take out and started to watch TV. My adrenaline was still in full gear though because I felt like I would never be able to fall asleep. The boyfriend then went in the bedroom and brought me out a present.
photo 2photo 1
I just had to laugh, he is such a goober sometime. He explained that he made the shirt while Kelli and I were hanging out the previous Tuesday. He said that he didn’t want a typical “cancer survivor shirt so he had created one that he liked” After dinner we quickly went back to the pharmacy to get my medicine and then I took some. The local anesthesia that I had was starting to wear off and I didn’t know if I could deal with the pain. We stayed up until almost 3 in the morning because I was afraid to fall asleep and let all the meds wear off. Finally pure exhaustion took over and I went into bed and passed out.

2 thoughts on “The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Post Operation”

    1. It was, I liked it a lot too. I was in shock for the first few minutes when I got it because it was so unique.

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