A Few Recipes

Good morning and happy hump day. It always comes so much faster when I have Monday off, I keep telling myself that I only have two more days until I can relax again. I think all my little vacation did was make me want more vacation! Since it is Wednesday though I’m going to link up with Jen over at Peas and Crayons to bring you a few eats this week. First up is a smoothie I have been making to use up the extra pumpkin I had from another recipe.

photoAs you can see it is another recipe (and picture) I stole from another blog, Pomegranate Bandit. I found it on Pintrest and decided to give it a whirl. It literally tastes like a pumpkin pie! I may or may not have doubled the ingredients on my second one.

Next up are some cookies. I made them for the boyfriend because lately he has been going into the kitchen after dinner to look for something sweet. I felt bad on Monday night giving him freezer burnt ice cream so I made these.

photo 3They look like chocolate chip but they are actually white chocolate blueberry cookies I got from, you guessed it, another blog. I actually found it on Pintrest and the recipe can be found here. I didn’t have any pastry flour though so I read online you can take all purpose flour and for ever cup you use remove one TB and then add one TB of corn starch. I also added some lemon zest because blueberries just need a little lemon to pop. I wish I didn’t over cook these but he still loves them so I guess it was a win!

Lastly I made this orzo salad.

photo 2

Tons of vegetables are packed in this baby and I’ll bring you the recipe soon!

So not too much, but I haven’t really been cooking since the last time we spoke. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more for you next week.

What recipes are you wanting to make right now? I really want to use the last of the summer produce as long as possible but last week when we had a few cooler mornings I got the urge to bake again. 




11 thoughts on “A Few Recipes”

  1. Im still holding on to my summer berries, but once those babies go, Ill be diving head first into the pumpkin train. Ive already got a few cans stocked and ready to go 🙂
    And Ive never tried orzo, so Im really looking forward to that recipe!

    1. I’m with you, the berries are still awesome in the store and the vegetables are still all out. I do love pumpkin, I’m just not ready for the fall quite yet. (although the second the pumpkin coffee at dunkin came out I was all on board with that!)

    1. OMG I have the same problem, that’s why I made the white chocolate cookies. I despise white chocolate so I won’t touch them.

  2. Chocolate blueberry cookies are you kidding me right now! Holy yum! I’ve already started with the pumpkin flavored everything as well – smoothies, granola, pancakes. I can’t get enough! Thanks for sharing on WIAW 🙂

    1. The boyfriend really liked them so I would suggest if those are two flavors you love to make them! Super easy too which is the best. I love the pumpkin passion! I’m still in denial that summer is over so I haven’t gotten full on board yet.

  3. I love pumpkin in smoothies! Well, I pretty much love pumpkin in anything, but just stumbled upon it in smoothies last year :). The cookies look amazing too. Your boyfriend is lucky! Have a great week :).

    1. Thanks! I like to think he is a lucky guy too 🙂 I am with you on the smoothies I just started a few years ago, originally with weight watchers since fruit was zero points. I love them.

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