Treat Yourself Tuesday

Well hello again friends and a happy Tuesday to you guys! The best thing about today is that it is not Monday so the week is already going to be fast. This is good for me because after being away in the woods all weekend the last thing I want to do is sit in an office. Seriously, I use to crave being in an office all day, I must have hit my head hard. Since it is Tuesday and I have been very great to myself lately I’m going to link up with one of my best blends Becky over at Olives n Wine for a Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

The first real treat was tons of outdoors time. That is going to have to wait until Thursday though (sorry) for the full recap because I have some great pictures from hiking, biking, running and relaxing. There is really nothing better than getting outside for awhile though!

Ā photo 3

Second treat is this new body was by Say Yes. It is so rich it is almost like an oil wash and the smell is heaven. It is like dumping coconut on yourself and brings me a tropical smelling blast every time I use it.

photo 2

This new to me coffee from Target, which I actually got while buying the body wash above. To be 100% honest I’m not a huge fan. It doesn’t taste like a banana split to me, though I have gotten rave reviews on the smell in the office. I like it better cold, but this will be a one time purchase.

photo 1

Excuse the glare, I didn’t know he was taking the picture yet and the sun was semi in my eyes. The tank top is the new treat though, I love it not only for the great saying but for how well it fits and how soft it is. I have been wearing it to workout every time it is clean. I found it on super sale at the Adidas outlet to. Massive score!

Those my friends are my treats these past few weeks. Nothing massive yet, but still some awesome things!

What is your favorite thing to workout in? Tank top and shorts. The less I’m wearing the more comfortable I am. When I was in good shape I use to run in a sports bra and shorts.Ā 


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday”

    1. I love Target almost anything! I wouldn’t suggest this coffee though, I heard there is a Kettle Corn one out there so I have my sight set.

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