Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Good morning! I hope you had a relaxing weekend, I know mine was busy but I still managed to get some good down time in. After a long run on Friday night I didn’t want to go out, so the boyfriend and I got some takeout and relaxed. We watched Draft Day


Which I actually liked, though it was pretty clear what was going to happen. The next morning I was up bright and early for a bridal shower. It is for one of my friends who just recently moved to PA, luckily she came back up here for the shower! I had forgotten how long they last, it started at 12 and we didn’t end up leaving until almost 4. When I got home the boyfriend wanted to play tennis so we headed out and played around for about an hour. Both of us had no clue what we wanted to do later on so I suggested we head to the town we are looking to move to and see what it was like at night.

I fell more in love with the town as I saw people walking their dogs and the streets away from the center were so dark and quiet. That is just what I’m looking for! We didn’t stay too long because the boyfriend was starving. So I found a place that was about 30 minutes away that had gotten good reviews.


It was a seafood and steak place and it was amazing. I didn’t take any pictures because I was babbling the whole time about how much I love the area and how much I want to move up there. We started off with some Cajun popcorn shrimp and then I got baked scallops and the boyfriend got fried clams. He was even impressed which is hard to do, he normally says everything is just “ok”.

At 10:30 we were home and he was ready to start to go to bed, I guess he was getting use to small town living!

Sunday was filled with laundry, running and grocery shopping and then at 3 I had my first softball game in a year. I forgot  how much I missed that crew! Again no pictures, apparently I was just in a mood to be cell phone free this past weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!