The Skin Cancer Chronicles – Monday Week 1

I knew I should get up when the boyfriend got up, but I also knew moving was going to hurt. Next thing I knew he was kissing me goodbye and I fell back asleep. A kitty cry woke me up what I thought was minutes later but was really 11:30. Groggy I got out of bed and went to feed him, looked outside for awhile wishing I could go and sit in the sun, then showered. Erin was going to come over after 1:30 and I couldn’t be in my PJs still.

I took another pain killer before the shower because moving still wasn’t comfortable and then started to watch some TV while waiting for her. When she finally arrived I was so happy to see her, I hate her living in Brazil and this was the best pick-me-up I could have asked for. We talked for awhile and even sat outside in the shade for a bit. Finally she had to go and pick up her husband and I realized that the boyfriend would be leaving work soon.

I took my Kindle outside and started to read a little bit, it was hard to stay focused as I just wanted to sleep but I stayed awake so I could fall asleep later that night. The boyfriend showed up a little after 5 and I was so excited to see him. I don’t think he was expecting the warm welcome I gave him but I was so happy he was home again. We talked for a little bit and then had some dinner. I couldn’t get comfortable so I built myself a little throne in the couch where I didn’t move from. It feels better laying to the side and not moving my arm, movements kill.

When it was time for bed the boyfriend wanted to sleep on the side I normally sleep on because the alarm is there. I said fine but the second I got into his side I just wasn’t comfortable. Oh well I’m never comfortable right now.


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